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The world seems to be captivated by easy listening music these days. Luckily, that’s the type of track Hauskey specialises in. His latest single ‘Go Wrong’ is super chill, but super upbeat at the same time and feels like he’s somehow injected a blue-sky afternoon into his production.

Sweet vocals open the track with twangy guitars following close behind. Light horns pepper the melody with their bouncing swagger and perfectly dance with the sliding bass line. Gentle atmospherics squeeze their way through the already packed melody, but don’t make things feel too chaotic. 

‘Go Wrong’ feels simple, despite so many instruments adding their own flavour, because Hauskey balances them all so well. Each element has its part to play and nothing is overpowering. The song goes down really well and is just a sweet, sign-drenched pop song with electronic accents and a dash of soul. I would say this song is the epitome of California-cool, but Hauskey hails from Western Australia. So I think he may have just made Western Australian-cool a thing now!

Stream via: slowplay / Republic Reocrds
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