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If you’re not too familiar with Kenyan artist Eric Ananda as yet I would suggest rectifying that today with his new single ‘My Type’. 

Eric has teamed up with a few of his friends, Agnelo Do Rego and MAC, to help him bring this one to life, and it’s easily become one of my favourites of his releases to-date – but with that said I’m pretty confident he has a lot more where this came from as well!  

“We wrote the song about when someone catches your eye and you sense a connection “a vibe” and you try to get their attention but it’s like you don’t exist to them at all, so you try again hoping the second time round they might. We also felt it was the right time to release the song as Valentines day is around the corner and hopefully the song could inspire someone to ask someone to be their Valentine.” – Eric Ananda 

Stream via: Eric Anada
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