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Australian duo Close Counters are coming back to us this week with a jazzy new electro-funk treat called ‘Speak In Truth’, which features the dynamic voice of Allysha Joy (from Melbourne crew 30/70), together delivering an energetic release that is sure to get you into a bit of a shuffle.  

I’ve been a big fan of Close Counters since day-one and it pleases me so much to see how far they have come with their songwriting & production skills, and if you’ve ever seen these guys live you’ll know I’m speaking the truth (see what I did there?) when I say they are one of the most exciting, energetic and incredibly fun live acts in Australia right now.   

Allysha Joy explains; “This was such a beautifully healing and fun song to write, the words came from a reminder to myself, to tell the damn truth!!

After returning from an incredible European tour with 30/70 last year, I honestly felt depleted, depressed and disconnected, to put it lightly! I was so lacking in self confidence and positive energy that i had begun to really shy away from challenging conversations and writing this song was a kind of ‘get your shit together’ moment for me. I felt really disconnected to the people that I love, I felt I was protecting them by being polite or quiet or pretending to be ‘okay’. I was so afraid of the judgement; left dimming my light for the sake of other people. But wow it can be so much more damaging for ourselves and those close to us if we pretend, if we stay silent, if we don’t tell it how it is, honestly!

Speaking your truth and allowing others to do the same cultivates spaces of healing and connection. We are all human, we all want connection and we all want honesty.”

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