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It’s been a while since I’ve come across Panama and discovering their new track with Ben Bohmer has honestly been an extremely welcome delight. Panama and Ben Bohmer have collaborated on a track called ‘Weightless’ and when you hear it, you feel so uplifted.

Airy atmospherics and twinkling synths open the track with the vocals echoing through the scene like soft ghosts. The melody builds and as the hard beat is introduced, you feel energised and full of warmth. ‘Weightless’ feels like a light, smokey, pastel dreamscape and I love getting lost in it. The sound is so delicate, despite the solid beat, and caresses your ears with the sweetest of sounds. 

The peaks and valleys the track’s energy has keep you captivated. One minute you just want to dance and the next you want to sit and meditate on the charming vocals. 

Mythic is a word that comes to mind when I listen to ‘Weightless’. Perhaps it comes from the unique delicateness of the track; how it’s so soft while making such a strong impact on my mind. I’m not one hundred per cent sure what it is, but I do know that ‘Weightless’ is a track I’ll be playing all the damn time. 

Stream via: Future Classic
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