Acid Stag Radio Lemonade Baby – ‘Alien’ ROOSEVELT – Passion (feat. Nile Rodgers) 44 Ardent – ‘nomoreheat’ MY PLAYLIST with Golden Vessel Crooked Colours – ‘Feel It’

Altered Versions (formerly known as our Non-Mixy Remix series) is a place for us to share some of our favourite remix, cover and remake discoveries which are a bit more on the chilled side of the spectrum.

These songs most likely won’t (but not never) make you want to dance, but they will make you feel something ?

HALCYON ‘Amsterdam’ (Tora cover)

Yakul – Company (feat. Mereba) (Rework)

Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Someone (feat. Jamila Woods) (Armando Young Remix)

billie eilish – ocean eyes (beverlyn rebirth)

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