Berlin-based bros TWO LANES released a song last year called ‘Never Enough’ which could very well be one of the best songs they’ve written to-date (in my opinion of course), and it is so good to see them kicking off the new year with a new song that can easily stand alongside that one, almost like a little brother perhaps. 

This new song is called ‘Phases’ and it is loaded with layers of dreamy instrumental atmospherics, something that TWO LANES are able to do so well, and it is so very easy to get lost in. I’d suggest finding some alone-time, put the headphones, crank up the volume, close your eyes and let ‘Phases’ do its thing…

“Phases is the first release of the new year. We have so many ideas for new music and it feels great to start releasing what we’ve been creating over the last months.” – TWO LANES

Stream: bitbird
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