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Next up in our ON STAGE series is this very beautiful 22-minute live performance from UK artist George Gretton, which was hosted & filmed as part of “Seen & Heard” – a project by Sofar Sounds and Jameson UK which is designed to shine a light on emerging artists from across the UK.

I’m a big fan of George Gretton’s music and being in Australia it is safe to say that it would have been a very long time till I was able to see him perform live, and that makes seeing this performance all that much more special for me – and hopefully for some of you as well! 

If you’re loving this performance as much as I am you can further show your appreciation and support by donating some of your pocket money to George Gretton here

“It was such a cool experience to do this recording. Considering it was just a tiny team of us on shoot and we all had to socially distance due to covid rules in the UK at the time, I’m really proud of how it turned out.
It was also kind of surreal to take these songs I made in my bedroom and play them in a beautiful, empty church with a grand piano. The first tune, ‘Floods’, is a song that I’ve imagined doing a live piano version of since I first made it, so I was dead pleased we got the chance.
My favourite thing was crazy hearing all the natural reverb in there, so we set up some mics at the other end of the church to pick up all the reflections.
The only downside is my tracks sound a little more boring when I play them on my out of tune piano at home now – if only every gig I did was in a huge church!” – George Gretton

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