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Australian electronic duo YesYou have had a massive 2020, with the change up of their sound into a more cross-genre realm that has provided us with some of the grooviest tunes we’ve heard. Now the duo round out the year with the anticipated release of ‘This is Passion Pt.1’, a six-track offering full of production depth and infectious vibrancy.

With various elements of electronic, funk and soul blended together, ‘This is Passion Pt.1’ sees YesYou explore new territory and come out with a fresh sound that will appeal to the masses through its positive nature that you can’t ignore. Featuring some of the smoothest bass and drums going around, as well as colourful keys and synths adding plenty of texture to the arena, YesYou have ensured that no stone has gone unturned and have nailed it on all fronts.

“At the beginning of 2016, we started to realise we’d lost sight of why we started the project and it stopped being fun. We’d been in the studio five days a week for the last three years and getting bogged down in making music we thought people wanted to hear. We’d lost ourselves in overthinking each second of every song.” – YesYou

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