Fresh off their most recent single ‘Elevate’ dropping only a matter of weeks ago, English/Australian duo Two Another continue to leave us gobsmacked with their super smooth blend of soulful/R&B through their highly anticipated new EP ‘Two Sides’ that is simply stunning.

‘Two Sides’ sees the duo delve deep into their soothing and charismatic nature of relaxing instrumentation that injects a hither of groove, whilst magnetising each and every one of us with those soothing vocals that travel in a majestic manner above the mix and leave us spellbound. It’s these kinds of tunes that we all need to have on repeat to put us into a clearer and more relaxed state of mind!

“Having a looming date over me where your life will change was quite overwhelming and challenging. Seeing your best friend and creative partner in a difficult place was quite hard for me and sometimes I felt like I carried the burden too much. Talking to friends and taking a step back helped me become more clear-headed and gave both Eliot and I space to focus on ourselves and our own situations.” – Two Another

Stream: Sweat It Out!
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