Acid Stag Radio Lemonade Baby – ‘Alien’ ROOSEVELT – Passion (feat. Nile Rodgers) 44 Ardent – ‘nomoreheat’ MY PLAYLIST with Golden Vessel Crooked Colours – ‘Feel It’

2020 has been.. ugh, I can’t even put it into words. One of the things that’s been keeping me sane has been music and damn, some amazing albums have come out this year. 

Luckily, I wasn’t just able to appreciate the good music that came out in 2020, I was also able to write about it. So, yes, a big chunk of this list are albums and EPs I wrote about this year, but you know, you’ve gotta share the love! 

Clearly there’s a running theme here with the music I was hooked on in 2020. Pretty much everything I was listening to had a laid-back feel to it. Anything with gentle atmospherics was a win in my book really, but of course, sometimes I just had to really turn up a bit of garage rock and just go nuts (which will be a lot more fun when my hair grows out. Head banging with shoulder-length hair just… isn’t the same). 

I also felt pretty homesick, which I’m sure everyone can relate to. Throughout this year I’ve been living in Canberra, and usually I’d fly home to see my family and friends in south east Queensland semi-regularly, but with all of the COVID-19 border restrictions I wasn’t able to do that. Instead, I drowned my sorrows by listening to Brisbane and Gold Coast-based artists and cuddling my new dog. 

2020 was the actual worst, but these albums were definitely the silver lining to the toughest year EVER!

The emoji that best sums up my year: ? 

1. Golden Vessel – colt

2. Cut Copy – Freeze, Melt

3. FELIVAND – Nerve


5. JVLY – inside weather 

6. The Nicholas – Silverside

7. Sweater Curse – Push//Pull

8. King Krule – Man Alive!

9. Yelle – L’Ère du Verseau

10. Georgia – Seeking Thrills

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