Recently we discovered a new artist from New Zealand called Tarn PK, who at that time was giving us the first single off his upcoming ep “Monarch” with the beautiful sounds of ‘Serenity‘, and today we get to premiere that ep’s second, and quite mesmerzing single, ‘Sky is Falling’.

Tarn PK delves into the creation of the song for us below and reveals its message of positivity and support;

“As the first song written for the project, it came from being forced to slow down the pace of life during lockdown. Sparked by picking up the acoustic guitar and humming, the song quickly formed into something that felt like an interesting new direction. Lyrically the song naturally took form as something melancholy and wistful, building on top of the picked guitar. It evokes rolling hills and driving with the rain coming down the window, It’s a song to heal, to support and to ultimately offer uplift in some way to each listener.” – Tarn PK

You better keep your eye on this guy! 

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