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Christmas has come early for me this week as two of my fave artists, Rhye and SG Lewis, team up for a super funky disco inspired song called ‘Time’ which is pushing all of my buttons.   

It’s said to be the opening track on SG Lewis’ debut album “times” which is set for release in February, but Rhye will be releasing a brand-new album in January as well – not a bad way to kick off the new year at all! 

“Time is a song that is central to the album thematically and sonically. Rhye has one of the most unique and distinctive voices out there, and I’ve been a fan for so long. We wrote the song at Rhye’s studio after watching the sun set in Topanga canyon, a memory which makes this song even more special to me.” – SG Lewis

“Sam (SG Lewis) and I first met when he came over to my studio to work on the track. He has such great personal energy and a zest for life that it felt natural to work off of that and imbue it into what we were making. I think you can hear the fun in this one.” – Rhye

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