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With his long-awaited debut EP on its way early next year, French producer Airmow provides us with another glimpse of what lies ahead through his dark and brooding new offering ‘Make Me Break’ which sees him team up with TROVE on the vocal front.

‘Make Me Break’ showcases a menacing instrumentation base of tantalising synths that shatter the mix right down to its core, as well as penetrating drums and buzzing guitars that provide plenty of force and energy into the already powerful mix. With TROVE providing a contrast with a playful melodies that stand firm in the centre of the arena, Airmow ensures that the energy is maintained throughout ‘Make Me Break’ through an uncompromising approach to the production on offer.

It’s about the internal battle in your mind between right and wrong. It’s an expression of never finding answers or our purpose, which can be a constant up and down cycle, and it can get to the point where if you overthink it too much, it can break you. On the other side, it’s positive in the sense that if this is all we’ve got then we may as well make the most of it. It’s a darker concept that I hope is thought provoking enough to make you dive deeper into the lyrics” – TROVE

Stream: Cloudkid
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