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Following on from their comeback release of ‘So Real’ earlier this year, Australian electronic duo YesYou continue to change things up with their brand new single ‘Pray For Me’ (Only One) taken from their forthcoming mixtape series ‘This is Passion Pt.1’ (edit) that showcases electronic-soul at its absolute primal form.

‘Pray For Me’ (Only One) showcases a rawness in its approach from the earlier stages with those ‘tribal’ drum patterns setting the groove in place amongst the ultra smooth bass line and lush strings which collectively inject a copious amount of colour into the soundscape. YesYou utilise these foundations created to expand the vibrancy with the soulful vocals melding into the mix with absolute ease, and the splashes of guitars throughout give the piece that little bit extra without overcomplicating the overall flow.

‘We had originally built the instrumental around a line from The Wild Angels, a 1966 outlaw biker film.  The line was ‘We don’t want nobody pushing us around’. The progression we felt had portray both the sentiment of the line itself but also offer hope that things were going to change. When we found the new vocal it sat in the record in a similar way but provided a resolution which didn’t rely just on the music telling the story’…” – YesYou

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