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UNDREAM has made his presence known already with his cover of Sub Urban’s ‘Freak’, and now comes through with the release of his debut solo single ‘Backfire’ (which features Hannabelle on vocals) which will send shivers down your spine with its haunting and eerie approach. 

With Hannabelle‘s captivating vocals setting the chilling tone in place from the beginning, UNDREAM builds on this notion through the lightness of pianos and contrasts with the swarming bass rising through the darkness to encompass all within its path. ‘Backfire’ takes a major shift in its intensity as we reach the drop whereby a larger surge of energy and power in the synths comes to the forefront and takes control.

“The track started off two years ago around Halloween when I sat down thinking about what makes music feel scary. I wanted to experiment with the idea of making something feel chilling by using the right sounds. This lead to the distant screams in the drop that enhanced the effect of someone being unable to escape – instantly setting the mood for the whole track” – UNDREAM

Stream: Cloudkid
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