Paris-born producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Tobias Dray brings forth a breezy and chilled combination of electronic and R&B influence in his latest offering ‘Sunsets’, which features Knightly on vocals for another glimpse of his forthcoming debut EP ‘DAYDREAMER’ due for release on November 23rd. 

Tobias Dray comes through with plenty to admire about how he has constructed each element of ‘Sunsets’, maintaining a sense of minimalism whilst injecting a lively amount of colour across the mix. With an eclectic combination of instrumentation such as the fresh R&B-inspired beats setting the podium in place for the lightness of the guitars and keys to enchant us, Dray maintains that breeziness throughout the duration which is further accentuated by the carefree nature of Knightly‘s melodies that soar above majestically. 

“I feel like ‘Sunsets’ reminds me of a mix between Phoebe Bridgers, Destiny Rogers and Holly Humberstone. I discovered Knightly on a Spotify playlist and as soon as I heard her voice, I knew this could fit so well in this track. The track has a huge feeling of freedom, airy, and light. This is the track on the EP that is the most optimistic and comfort sonically speaking.” – Tobias Dray

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