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Alternative/pop music has definitely had a major moment throughout 2020 with some astonishing releases, and in the case of The Millennial Club‘s highly anticipated ‘summer nights’ EP the trend continues with six sparkling tracks that fans of LANY, Lauv and The 1975 will fall in love with.

‘summer nights’ evokes a dreamy soundscape with its gripping instrumentation lathering us up with ambient keys, delicious saxophones, rhythmic guitars as well as infectious grooves in the drums that serve up a vibrant colour palate that play second field to those irresistible laid-back vocals that ooze charisma. 

Writing ‘summer nights’ felt cathartic in a lot of ways; the record as a whole feels like a release of emotions and tension within ourselves. I think for the longest time, I was obsessed with fitting into a self-described box and wanted so badly to ‘be like’ my musical inspirations, but with this record — perhaps unlike our previous releases — we really weren’t trying to be anything other than ourselves.” – The Millennial Club

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