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With the nomination of ‘Heavy Hearted’ for ARIA Song of the Year and the monster hit of ‘Sending Me Ur Loving’ under their belt in 2020, Australian outfit The Jungle Giants come through with yet another uplifting single that is sure to get you smiling in ‘In Her Eyes’, a glistening combination of electronic and pop influence that comes through with a quirky accompanying music video.

The Jungle Giants meld together current day and 90’s influence within their instrumentation, comprised of crisp electronic guitars and drums with the thick synth bass, that gives ‘In Her Eyes’ that swagger we’ve come to know with their catalogue. With a vibrant colour palate on display that evokes significant summer vibes, ‘In Her Eyes’ is the carefree offering that we have all been craving throughout this year of chaos.

“It feels so good to finally get “In Her Eyes” out. Both the lyrics and production are really close to my heart. This track delves a little more into some of the themes explored on the upcoming record. It’s a song not only about being in love with someone, but also going deeper into self love. Sometimes you gotta back your own horse.” – The Jungle Giants

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