Fresh off the release of his album ‘Random Shit From The Internet Era’ earlier this year, Grammy-nominated DJ/music producer/composer & music/film director Sam I continues to stun us with the release of his short film ‘Heaven’ – an eleven and a half minute journey that sees the producer team up with Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services to raise funds for mental health awareness.

Featuring dancer Nevaeh Meraz and award-winning actress Catherine Keener, ‘Heaven’ follows the journey of a young woman who is struggling with many issues and can only truly express herself through her passion of dancing. Through the use of Sam I’s latest single ‘Don’t Give Up’ (featuring Sia, Busta Rhymes and Vic Mensa), we see an expressive dance bracket from Meraz that is nothing short of incredible – and will leave you speechless!

“I love dance, and I knew I wanted to do a film around dance for the album release, so I invited a handful of dancers whom I had connected with through my music, and then I interviewed them all about their lives.

Nevaeh instantly struck me as fascinating. At the time she was 18, and she had already lived a thousand lives. She’s battled mental health issues and struggled with depression, but her passion for her art form helped carry her through, and I really related to that because my love of music really helped get me through my depression that I had during and after Lyme Disease.” – Sam I

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