We’ve got the kick-starter for your weekend courtesy of the latest thumper from LA-based writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sad Money titled ‘Lose My Love’, featuring Gallant and Felix Cartal for a multi-genre groover that encompasses a heavy amount of groove from the word go.

Coming in strong with a blistering four to the floor drum pattern, it isn’t too long until the dark and murky colours are injected in the soundscape of ‘Lose My Love’ courtesy of the booming bass lines and eerie vocals that float above the mix like a thick layer of fog. With the enforcing touch of the bass ‘bombs’ and those incredibly crisp harmonised vocals in the climactic sections of the piece, ‘Lose My Love’ balances the tightrope between cruisy and energetic just right to ensure a dance-floor filler sensation is maintained. 

“‘Lose My Love’ was always going to be a really special record since the first time we worked on it. Gallant and Andrew Jackson wrote some amazing lyrics touching on the pushes and pulls that come with a lot of relationships and working on the production with Felix Cartal, McClenney, Black Coffee and Eric Henriques really brought the sound of this song to a new level. It’s a heavy song both lyrically and sonically and I can’t wait for everyone to dive into it.”Sad Money

Stream: Ultra Records
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