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Rootkit continues to build the anticipation of his debut album due later this year with his brand new single ‘Dreaming’, a dark and cloudy offering full of suspense that is lifted in intensity through the implementation of Cammie Robinson‘s haunting melodies that soar above the mix.

‘Dreaming’ sets the dark colour palate in place from the second it starts through the use of murky synths and pads setting the unrest in place, as well as providing the space required for Robinson’s melodies to set the notion of fright into the mix. Rootkit builds the intensity throughout the verses which crescendos into the lively chorus full of uplift in the drums and surging energy in the synths to ensure the obscurity held in the core of the piece stays in tact for the duration of the track.

“There is a lot of distortion in this track. I like to use distortion as a creative tool to sculpt the sound and make for example the drums much more punchy and rough sounding. My mixing often results in a lot of sound design as opposed to just making sure everything sounds clean and fits together. I think it can result in a much more cohesive and unique sound.” – Rootkit

Stream: bitbird
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