Belgian duo Promis3 continue to provide us with insights as to what the future might sound like with their glitchy new single ‘Don’t Wanna Fall In Luv’, as well as the accompanying music video that is filled with artistically driven visuals and landscapes.

What we see in ‘Don’t Wanna Fall In Luv’ is a clear vision to dive deep into a futuristic and cinematic soundscape full of twists and turns in both the synths and drum programming that provides a significant level of depth in production. Promis3 lather us up with the smooth vocals with a slight ‘robotic’ touch placed on top of them as the final piece of the puzzle that further illustrates how the duo are advanced well before their time.

“With ‘Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv’ we want to take the listener through a trip of desire, secrecy and heartbreak and tackle subjects like synesthesia, addiction and demise. For the visual, we wanted to create an illusionistic and symbolical digital art-piece that displays a fading relationship’s duality, as some sort of hyper-reality or illustration that has been brought to life.” – Promis3

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