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Since coming back onto the scene earlier this year with ‘Disappear’ Sydney duo PLGRMS have taken significant strides forward with their brand of emotive alternative/electronic music, and with news of their highly anticipated debut EP ‘CHAPTER I’ on its way in December the duo provide us with another haunting glimpse in their new single ‘Good Friends’.

Continuing their collaborative relationship with Ross James (upsidedownhead), ‘Good Friends’ provides plenty of intrigue through the hazy vocals setting the scene in the early stages before the shift in power changes throughout the chorus courtesy of the buzzing synths and crisp percussion shattering its way into the soundscape.

“This song isn’t cryptic. It’s not hiding any double meanings. It’s just about recognising that one of two things could happen. And being friends isn’t one of them.” – PLGRMS

Stream: 2X1 Music Group/Believe
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