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Vancouver producer On Planets provides us with a free-flowing and laid back indie/electronic number titled ‘Don’t Think So Hard’, a very relatable lo-fi number that centres around the theme of over complication within our lives that marks his first release under the bitbird banner.

Combining the alluring guitats with softened electronic beats bubbling away in the backdrop, ‘Don’t Think So Hard’ really takes on the notion set in the title with a non-complicated instrumentation base that gives plenty of room for those raspy vocals to create plenty of intrigue in the mix. On Planets continues this easy-going nature into the chorus, and with the slightest shift in the intensity through the injection of rising synths gives the piece the power it deserves.

“More and more I have come to think that it’s a fundamental part of the human experience to constantly overestimate how much our intention actually governs outcome. When things seem to go to plan our human logic inclines us to proudly attribute that to our own planning or forethought, however when it all falls apart we often reach for a more cosmic explanation, saying “I guess anything can happen!” or “you can’t predict the unpredictable!”. – On Planets

Stream: bitbird
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