Multi-platinum Swedish production duo NOTD have kept themselves quite busy throughout 2020 with a string of impressive singles achieving millions of streams across Spotify, and now they’re returning with another banger through their dark new single ‘Nobody’ which sees the anonymous Catello enlisted on collaborative duties.

‘Nobody’ sees a tight melding of deep house and pop influence that results in an infectious nature with plenty of force within. NOTD hold nothing back in their production, with blistering synths and bass piercing through the mix alongside the sharp and concise drums that set the scene for the deep and brooding melodies that add that extra little mysteriousness to the overall picture.

“We’re so excited to finally release‘Nobody,’a song that has been in the works for a very long time. We loved this one from the second we first heard the demo, and then we worked really hard to get it to the final version that exists today. We’re also pumped to help introduce Catello to the world, and we love how the song has a darker feel than most of our previous releases. We hope our fans love it as much as we do!” – NOTD

Stream: Island Records
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