Birmingham producer Matt Ryder comes through a fresh and tranquil sound well beyond his years through his sophomore EP ‘Soundless Motion’, a seven-track offering that utilises plenty of space and atmosphere to take you away to a calmer state of mind.

Combining reverb-soaked guitars with deepened percussion patterns and ambient keys, ‘Soundless Motion’ maintains a dreamy and lush soundscape throughout the duration of the release which gives Ryder’s haunting tones the perfect podium to add that final layer of mist to the colour palate.

“I Found myself constantly being dragged into situations that I didn’t want to be in. Kids trying to live the whole night like it was a f*cking movie as if no one else existed. It came to a point where I would remove myself from these situations and then found myself dragged into other bad scenarios. The grass isn’t always greener type of energy lol.” – Matt Ryder

Stream: EC30
Artist Connect: Twitter | Instagram

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