Just over a month ago we were gifted with his rainforest-inspired ‘Slash & Burn’, and now Netherlands/New Zealand producer Malvae provides us with yet another glimpse of his forthcoming full-length project with his new single ‘Tuyuka’ – a dark and ominous release that pays homage to the tribe of the same name he spent a significant period of time with.

Utilising recordings and samples of the tribes instruments, Malvae inserts a dark colour palate into the mix with plenty of intrigue and wonder associated. With plenty of depth in production on offer throughout the duration of ‘Tuyaka’, Malvae transfers an uncompromising groove amongst the swarming instrumentation and warped elements that ensure plenty of buzzing and dark energy is carried through.

I made my way to an indigenous tribe in Brazil who go by the name of Tuyuka. They had relocated near a huge jungle city called Manaus to share their knowledge and culture, to be a part of civilization. They are originally from deep within the jungle between the Columbian, Venezuelan and Brazilian border. Due to drug traffickers and illegal loggers that want to exploit their environment, part of their group had relocated near Manaus. They thought this way they would receive help from the Brazilian government as they thought they would then have a place in society. I translated these feelings into the song while also using their instruments and their voices in this production.” – Malvae

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