Fresh off the release of their thrilling single ‘Supermarket Riots’ dropping last month, Sydney singer-songwriter/producer Lupa J continues their run of impressive singles in the lead up to their upcoming album with ‘This Suburb’ – a quirky electronic/pop number that changes things up for Lupa J sonically whilst maintaining those raw and emotional lyrics we’ve come to know and love.

‘This Suburb’ provides a minimalistic approach in its instrumentation at first glance with an eccentric and lively soundscape on offer that is matched by Lupa J’s playful melodies which collectively set the foundations in place. As we progress through ‘This Suburb’, we see the intensity rise through implementations of energetic drums and buzzing synths in the latter stages that inject plenty of force into the mix alongside Lupa J’s haunting falsetto tones give ‘This Suburb’ the emphatic ending it deserves.

“‘This Suburb’ is one of the most raw and vulnerable songs I’ve ever made. It sits a little outside my ‘usual’ pop-dance style but I think it might be my personal favourite on the album. I don’t always feel up to being so lyrically honest and emotional, sometimes I just want to make techno tracks with little to no vocals – but when I feel capable & ready of writing a song like this it’s a really incomparable, cathartic experience. This one still makes me teary to listen to sometimes – it’s about the intensity of an attachment that’s to not only a person but a place and a life you’ve become so wrapped up in together.” – Lupa J

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