A few months ago Australian artist LOVER gave us his debut ep “It’s A Wild World”, which featured a very impressive five-track collection of indie/electro/R&B/pop songs. 

Since then he’s been working with his friend and longtime collaborator, Jayemol, on a music video for the ep track ‘Super Car Racer’, and this week they are ready to share that beautifully filmed cinematic experience with us. 

“Super Car Racer is probably my favourite track from my EP ‘It’s A Wild World’ and so I really wanted to make a video with Jayemol that would do it justice. The first video treatment involved travel and crew so that was quickly pushed back and then cancelled. The second video was not good haha. The THIRD video, which you see here, hopefully is the charm!

This was mainly Jayemol’s idea, twisting the concept of the song about ‘slowing down’ for a loved one and making it about the increasingly creepy relationship we have with our phones and screen time. The two of us along with our friend Nathan Chan went out to Kangaroo Valley and camped with the (surprisingly heavy) TV and shot the video dawn to dusk over two nights. The result is what you see here. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :)” – LOVER

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