Sydney-based artist Hylander made his presence known in the scene in 2019 with ‘Indigo Child’, and throughout the lockdowns in the COVID-19 pandemic has been cooking up some tasty beats which is reflective in his brand new single ‘Honestly’ – a smooth combination of indie & electronic influence that when coupled with Saorsa‘s heavenly vocals results in a well rounded mover.

Creating an intriguing beginning with the off-kilter elements combining alongside deepened beats on offer, it isn’t long before the groove is injected into the mix of ‘Honestly’ alongside Saorsa‘s sultry vocals. Featuring the swooping synths piercing their way through in an emphatic manner, Hylander brings forth plenty of intensity in the pivotal sections with the swarming synth bass making its presence felt and lifting the piece to its enforcing heights.

 ‘The song is as much about admitting to yourself that maybe you should ask for help and acknowledging that it’s okay to feel down, particularly in such chaotic times.’ – Hylander

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