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Gaspar Narby is back once with yet another delicate and light offering full of glitchy electronic influence with ‘Fragments’, the latest take from his forthcoming four-track collaborative EP in December which features the dreamy vocals of Taura.

With a vast array of instrumentation compiled throughout the journey of ‘Fragments’, Narby provides various shades of lightness through a rejuvenating blend of deepened beats with atmospheric pads and synths that encompass all of the space in the mix. Taura‘s enchanting melodies and vocal samples in the chorus provide that extra layer of comfort to the soundscape through their carefree approach which floats majestically throughout the track.

“I had a lot of fun with the production on this one. I wanted to mix electronics with actual orchestral instruments, as opposed to MIDI. I chopped a harp recording and then played the cello and the violin myself – I played so poorly I had to isolate the right notes and trigger them from my computer, but still, it counts! I also recorded a grand piano and Fender Rhodes.” – Gaspar Narby 

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