The Presets Return to Club 77 with Smirnoff Origins cln – Over, All Again (LP) HUMP DAY MIX with Movada Dull Reality – ‘Pragmatica’ [Premiere] narou – ‘running in circles’ 1tbsp – Joan (EP)

Edward Knocks cooks up a late night delight for us all to delve into with the release of his brand new single ‘2:45’, a deep house delight with plenty of contagiousness within it that tackles an individuals inner demons and mental struggles – and we couldn’t be happier to be premiering it for you today!

With shades of Running Touch coming through with the infectious dance influence and those rawness held in the vocals, ‘2:45’ is one of those tracks that can be positioned both in a nightclub and on those long drives with the sun shining through. With a grooving percussion pattern smashing through the backdrop, Knocks keeps us on our toes with his eclectic instrumentation arrangement that provides plenty of depth in the production.

“I had insomnia for weeks and kept on waking up around 2:45am every night so I would sneak out and walk around the block, listening to Tom Waits and old house mixes that the legendary DJ Merlin Bobb did back in the day on WBLS107.5 FM. After watching a documentary on Tom Waits I came across the work of the prolific voice over artist and poet Ken Nordine, in particular the album ‘Word Jazz’. There’s a song on that album called ‘What Time Is It?’. When I heard it the story made my jaw drop, leading me to rush back home and write ‘2:45’. The beat was already made and it fell into place as it often does. What was weird was after I finished the track my insomnia subsided.” – Edward Knocks

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