Django Django have a unique sound that blends intricate alternative elements with experimental electronica to create this whirlwind of sound that’s now become their signature. ‘Glowing in the Dark’, the band’s latest track, which just so happens to also be the title track for their next album, is Django Django at their best – creating a textured soundscape with quirky effervescence. 

Hard, looped drums bring in the track before buzzing synths wind their way in between grounding pads. This energetic melody draws you in before it dives bat and softly floats behind the vocals. Everything is tame before the beat bursts forward during the chorus and the vocals start getting chopped into addictive snippets. Tambourines give the song an extra flavour as they jingle over the second verse, and as the melody dips and peaks throughout the track you catch the infectious sense of ease that radiates from it. 

As this is the lead track of a new album, we can expect to hear more incredibly fun tracks from Django Django very soon. ‘Glowing in the Dark’ is Django Django at their finest, creating an energetic beat that’s great to bop too and, of course, perfectly blending indie accents with electronic landscapes. If the band’s new album is this infectious, it’s going to be a good-un!

Stream: Because Music
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