Over the last few months Benji Lewis has been doing a lot of songwriting to help pass the time. Recently he’s given us two singles – Peaceful & Everything’s Alright – and he’s coming back to us this week with the gorgeous sounds of new single ‘Stay Around’, which was written with T Scarlett during a trip that Benji took up to Brisbane earlier this year – before the COVID mayhem began.

As Benji explains below, the song came together quite easily as they bonded over delicious home-made smoothies…

“I wrote this song with a new friend, Tom Eggert, in Brisbane earlier this year pre lockdown and border closures. Tom and I were chilling at his home studio, listening to some music and also bonding over a shared new love for a good home-made smoothie. Eventually we got to writing. He began playing with a few guitar chords and some production and soon after the lyrics and melodies started flowing. It came together pretty quickly and by the end of the day we had a song and we felt really good about it.” – Benji Lewis 

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