One of the biggest collaborations to hit the electronic music world has graced us this week with Australia’s own Alison Wonderland and Los Angeles’ Valentino Khan to deliver a deep and hard-hitting single ‘Anything’, a track that sees the best of both artists on display that might just be one of the most impressive releases we’ve come across this year.

Featuring bubbling synths arpeggiating across the soundscape, ‘Anything’ at first glance begins in a minimalistic manner that gives Alison Wonderland the room to take control with her hazy vocals that are simply astonishing. What makes ‘Anything’ so great is the ability to meld the worlds of electronic and pop together with absolute ease, giving it a sense of club influence with its thumping percussion smashing through the speakers whilst providing that catchiness in the melodies that immediately get stuck in your head. 

Stream: Mad Decent
Alison Wonderland: Facebook | InstagramTwitter| Soundcloud
Valentino Khan: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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