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Australian artist Rvhu delivers a sultry and seductive new single titled ‘Rush’ that draws comparisons to Running Touch with it’s delicious sound palate on offer – and we’ve got your first exclusive listen today!

As the name suggests, ‘Rush’ wastes no time and jumps straight to the point with its highly addictive upbeat nature encapsulated in the lively drums setting the tone. Featuring some utterly irresistible guitars and booming bass lines, Rvhu splashes plenty of colour throughout the duration of the track whilst his smooth as butter melodies ooze confidence and leave the listeners in awe.

“I wanted to explore the feeling I got when I first met my girl. We vibrated on a higher level and I wanted to portray that feeling with this song. I kinda visualised it as a scene in a movie – I spot her on the dance floor and start to gravitate towards her. As we move in synchrony, a connection is formed and you donʼt wanna break that flow. So, we dance all night, to the beat of the song. Thereʼs no rush ;)” – Rvhu

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