Portland artist Quiet Bison comes through with an industrial-themed soundscape full of tantalising electronic movement in his latest single ‘High Like This’ which features one of the most in demand rappers going around in Reo Cragun for a taste of Bison’s forthcoming album.

Quiet Bison brings forth a surging energy immediately with the use of buzzing synths and booming bass lines that transfer plenty of electricity into the soundscape alongside the thumping drums and Cragun’s engaging melodies playfully bouncing about. When you combine all of these elements alongside Reo Cragun‘s captivating vocals, you are left with a powerful and commanding offering that will leave you wanting more from Quiet Bison.

‘I could talk about the technical side of making this song, but I really want to take this time to say that working on it with Reo was really inspiring and I owe a lot to him for making this song something special. Thank you to Reo for being you.’ – Quiet Bison

Stream: Ultra Music
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