Just a couple of weeks ago we were left stunned through his enlightening single ‘Dos Uno Nueve (219)’, as well as the collaboration with Australia’s own Ruel last Friday on ‘Want U Around’, and now Omar Apollo continues to gift fans with those utterly sublime melodies through the release of his debut project ‘Apolonio’.

‘Apolonio’ continues to build on those laid-back and smooth instrumentation bases we’ve come to expect from Apollo throughout 2020, evident in the lounge-styled drum patterns and charismatic bass lines that set the foundations in place for Apollo’s irresistible vocals that exert plenty of emotion throughout that you can’t help but bop around to. 

Fans can also check out Omar Apollo‘s upcoming livestream from Prince‘s Paisley Park October 28th – click here for more information.

Stream: Warner Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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