Sydney singer-songwriter/producer Lupa J is back with another thrilling release in the form of their brand new single ‘Supermarket Riots’, a dark and brooding offering that tackles the fear of lockdown in Australia, and is accompanied by arguably one of the most impressive music videos of 2020 that takes a haunting spin on ‘panic buying’ that occurred in society.

A commanding feeling is struck immediately in the early stages of ‘Supermarket Riots’, whereby robust synths strike through the mix alongside Lupa J‘s angelic melodies that create a formidable partnership. With the prominent drums smashing their way through, ‘Supermarket Riots’ takes full flight through a thick layer of atmospheric pads combining with Lupa J‘s mesmerising falsetto to truely intensify the piece to new levels.

‘Supermarket Riots’ takes things even further through the gripping music video. Directed by James Chappell (Tiësto, Guy Sebastian), the video highlights the chaos and issues surrounding the global pandemic through the utilisation of gothic dancers and the eeriness of an empty supermarket that results in a truely epic journey. 

“I wrote Supermarket Riots in the week or so before lockdown became a reality in Australia, while people were panic buying, when you had to get into the store at 8am if you wanted to get anything you actually needed. It was extra surreal for me because I had only recently moved cities and I’d barely become used to my new life in Melbourne. To top it off, I was in a long distance relationship and I was starting to freak out that I wouldn’t be able to travel back to my partner. I remember walking around my area trying to comprehend what was about to happen; at the shops feeling this universal skittishness, noticing a look of fear in everyone’s eyes.” – Lupa J

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