Swedish producer Kasbo and Australia’s own Vancouver Sleep Clinic combine their individual brilliance for a stunning piece of indie/electronic titled ‘Lune’, the latest glimpse of Kasbo‘s forthcoming sophomore album ‘The Making of a Paracosm’, that is the perfect precedent for showcasing the best of both artists in a brilliant collaboration.

Beginning in a lo-fi/ambient manner, ‘The Making of a Paracosm’ chooses a more subtle approach full of space to invite us all into their soothing world filled with those haunting falsetto tones of Vancouver Sleep Clinic and rising instrumentation foundations of Kasbo. Once we arrive in the chorus, we witness an explosion of sound and colour through the ultra-vibrant synths striking through the mix that inject a ray of positivity and uplift into our hearts.

“I’ve been a fan & friend of Carl’s for a while now and was grateful to finally be able to collaborate with him on Lune when I spent a couple of special days visiting his hometown earlier this year. To me Lune feels like a sonic representation of the sacred conversations you share with a memory forever lingering in your dreams.” – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Stream: Foreign Family
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