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Back in June JVLY gave us an outstanding seven-track ep titled “inside weather” which was met with much praise & attention from music fans and curators all over the world. The first single he gave us from the ep was a song called ‘tacenda’, which has also been the most successful single on the ep to-date. He always toyed with the idea of getting a few remixes done for the ep tracks but then never really went much past that, so when his friends daste. sent him a little rework that they decided to put together, he was blown away by their interpretation. 

“tacenda (which means “things that are better left unsaid”) was the first song I finished for “inside weather” which really ended up setting the tone for how the whole project would sound.  

Last year I went up to Gold Coast to play a show with the daste boys and then spent the rest of the weekend out at their pad making music together. We clicked in the studio, so it was a good time and super productive. I was stoked when they wanted to rework tacenda.” – JVLY

“We absolutely love JVLY’s track tacenda so when the conversation about a remix came up it was the obvious choice. Our process involved studying the key defining elements of the track, and then taking them in the opposite direction for the remix.

We felt ‘tacenda’ had a lovely dark ambience and slow groove to it, so we decided to flip it by speeding it up and reworking the chords and percussion to make it more of an ecstatic bop. The rest of the remix came very naturally after figuring out how the hook would sound by adding a bassline that makes you want to move and throwing in some well-known daste spices to make it sound like us.” – daste.

‘tacenda remix’ and the “inside weather ep” is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records, and we’ve also put the original version of ‘tacenda’ below for comparison. 

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