If there ever was a time where we needed an injection of positivity and colour into our lives, US electronic producer ford. has come through with the goods through the highly anticipated release of his sophomore album ‘The Color of Nothing’, an extremely uplifting and mesmerising eleven-track offering that can only be described as beautiful.

ford. utilises plenty of depth in his composition, with elements of lo-fi, indie and electronic influences melding together to create some extremely lush soundscapes that you’ll immediately find yourself lost within. With plenty of summer goodness thrown into the vibrant colour palate created by those inviting synths and beats, ‘The Colour of Nothing’ is built for those long summer drives across the coast that we all can’t wait for!

“The Color of Nothing represents what you see when you close your eyes and rub them. Although your eyes are shut, what appears to you in this moment is an indescribable hue. It’s not black, white, or any other color that can be described. For me, the color of nothing is liberating. It is a blank canvas; a canvas where I can free myself of preconceived ideas and create openly. I like to think these songs were created from that same blank canvas—from the color of nothing where anything is possible.” – ford.

Stream: Foreign Family Collective
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