After launching her own record label Rola Door Records last year with SPARROWS, Sydney producer/songwriter/DJ FLUIR comes through with an impressive collection of electronic and pop offerings in the form of her brand new EP ‘Just Us’ that showcases significant growth and maturity within her own individual sound.

Featuring previously released singles ‘Same Flame’ and ‘Make Me Feel’, FLUIR showcases a darker colour palate throughout ‘Just Us’ with a focus on the intense synth bass combining with the grooving percussion to tap into a deep house influence in part. With FLUIR’s majestic melodies floating above the mix in a carefree manner, ‘Just Us’ showcases the absolute best of her production skills that deliver a clear sonic direction that will guaranteed lead to a mass appreciation by a wide ranging audience.

“I wanted the EP to shine a light on the highs and lows of creativity. At the time of writing the EP, I wasn’t yet where I wanted to be with my music in terms of ‘success’.  When I looked more closely at what I defined as ‘successful’ however, I realised that it’s an ever-moving target governed by ego, shifting with every key milestone reached. I felt like I was driving myself mad and losing sight of why I started writing music in the first place. It wasn’t until I wrote the title track ‘Just Us’ – the most vulnerable song I’ve ever written – that I felt my perception had been recalibrated and I’d found my love for music once more.” – FLUIR

Stream via: Rola Door Records
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