Brisbane-based outfit FeelsClub have truly blossomed in 2020. ‘A Wave Inevitable’ is the second EP they’ve released this year, but it’s taken the band into new territory, with a series of meaningful tracks that are a sign of the tumultuous times we’re living in. Of course, just because they’re meaningful also doesn’t mean you can’t dance to them too!

The best examples of this are ‘HUMINGA’ and ‘NO PEACE’, two songs that juxtapose strong messages with deep electronica. ‘HUMINGA’ explains how band member MKA has found living in Australia as a bicultural person. The song name is the Tagalong word for “breathe” and highlights MKA’s heritage as the club-ready production pulsates beneath her vocals. ‘HUMINGA’ has sharp and sleek production that’s anchored by a buzzing beat which is also not dissimilar to the melody on ‘NO PEACE’. 

’NO PEACE’ sends the middle finger to people who abuse their positions of power and people who choose to drag others down to their level instead of lifting themselves up. It has a deep, grunting bass that charges forward with a series of squirming synths flanking it on either side. ‘NO PEACE’ feels sharp and jagged, it jumps out at you and has a high energy that doesn’t slow down. 

The slower tracks on the album are ‘skin’ and ‘b)sober’. Although, just because they have a slower tempo, it doesn’t mean these tracks still don’t pack a punch. There’s an almost ethereal energy on ‘skin’. The atmospherics and echoing vocals taking charge before the heavy beat bounces its way into the mix. This track is very rounded with every element feeling slightly hollow and soft. You can definitely bop your head to this track, which is slightly harder to do with ‘b)sober’, but that’s for a few different reasons. 

The production on ‘b)sober’ is layered. There’s a lot of elements that are working together to create a smoother melody. Twinkling synths dance above a buzzing beat and the vocals seem to warp themselves through the slightly darker terrain. 

I will admit that I love a song with a powerful chorus, so I quickly fell in love with ‘talkTALK’ and ’On You’, the final song on ‘A Wave Inevitable’. The pads on ‘talkTALK’ feel so good as they bring the song in and when those sliding guitars added to the solemn melody, everything starts to build before the chorus explodes with a heavy beat, buzzing synths and warped samples. The song feels like a twisted dream and it’s just gorgeous. 

‘On You’ is slightly different as its tempo is a bit faster and computerised samples take charge of the melody. The drums are more prominent on this track and when the song bursts during the chorus, buzzing synths blend in with all of these wonderful elements to create the perfect balance between electronica and classic alternative-pop.

There are so many layers to FeelsClub and ‘A Wave Inevitable’ only scratches the surface of their creativity. Their sound is so unique and it’s refreshing to see a band experimenting with their ideas in such a profound way. They have a lot to say and want to say it in the most interesting way possible, which they’ve definitely done on ‘A Wave Inevitable’. Are you listening?!

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