If you’re in the mood to get groovy, we’ve got just the track for you to fully immerse yourself in courtesy of LA-based duo Emotional Oranges‘ brand new thumper ‘All That’ (which features Channel Tres) that exerts a heavy amount of confidence from the second it begins.

There is so much to love about ‘All That’, whether it’s the super-groovy tempo that’s on offer in the upbeat percussion, the sultriness of the vocals adding a mischievous nature to the piece or the vibrancy displayed in the instrumentation that splashes plenty of colour across the soundscape. What is for certain is that the addictiveness of this banger from Emotional Oranges and Channel Tres is sure to remain on repeat for a very long time!

“This is what Tokyo, the Gorillaz and listening to a whole lot of 90’s dance music will do to you. Much love to Channel for blessing the track. Just a taste of what’s coming in our JUICEBOX…” – Emotional Oranges

Stream: Avant Garden / Island Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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