Danish artist Dillistone delivers plenty of heat and emotion through his brand new single ‘Immortal’, an electronic journey full of sorrow and empathy that features the stunning vocals of LILI N that collectively packs in plenty of drive throughout its duration.

Dillistone restrains his intensity within the early stages of ‘Immortal’, utilising the robust synths and deepened beats to set the scene alongside LILI N‘s divine melodies that introduce the heavy emotional message into the arena. ‘Immortal’ takes a shift in the choruses where we see the top end of LILI N‘s vocal range simply amaze us, and with the accompanying emphatic lift from the powerful synths on support duties it allows the emotive narrative to leave the impact it well and truly deserves.

“I love this song. It is a deeply sad story about being with someone who is sociopathic and how they are a liability when you are around them. We wrote it in an old bungalow in LA where the song was originally much slower, but now it’s a driving power track that is more defiant than it is defeated. LILI N is one of my best friends, long time collaborator and without doubt one of the best song writers in the world, so get the lyrics pulled up and cry-dance with us.” – Dillistone

Stream: Mag Musik
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