It’s a good thing that summer is just around the corner because it means we can fully drink in the vibrant jams on Cosmo’s Midnight’s new album ‘Yesteryear’. Drawing inspiration from nostalgia and the music of their childhood, Cosmo’s Midnight have created a sweet 12-track experience that’s perfect for basking in the sun and just feeling good about where you’re at, both physically and mentally. 

On ‘Yesteryear’ we have a little bit of funk, a sprinkle of electronica, a dash of disco and some smooth pop that just creates a comforting environment around you. One of the best things about ‘Yesteryear’ is that every track has an epic bassline. Whether it’s the standout element of the melody, or it’s subtly enhancing the production, the basslines on this album are killer!

‘Unwind’ has gentle atmospherics circling its infectious bassline and twangy synths uplifting the dreamy vocals. This track is funky, with an infusion of disco and is just really fun. It’s a perfect introduction to an album that just keeps the good vibes going. The album’s title track, ‘Yesteryear’ is just as sweet as its predecessor. Echoing vocals float over a deeper bass and ethereal tones take the mood of the track in a more uplifting direction. Subtle synths buzz beneath sharp guitars and sprinkle a ‘70s flair into the production. The whole thing is very magical, a stark contrast to ‘It’s Love’, which is a bit edgier.

The bass swoops on ‘It’s Love’, which is something you don’t hear too often. The bass line leads the track alongside Matthew Young’s echoing vocals. Every element works together here to produce a song that flows really well. It’s simple and doesn’t need anything too crazy to make an impact. Like the dominant baselines, upbeat vocals are a trend on ‘Yesteryear’. ‘Have It All’ feature vocals from Age.Sex.Location and uses light percussion over organic drums to lift everything up. ‘Have It All’ is the ultimate summer jam.  The guitars compliment the vocals so well and everything is in harmony and you just feel warm and excited when you listen to this track. 

In contrast to ‘Have It All’, ‘Ice’ feels refreshing and cool. Chiming synths that are slightly warped open the track before Stevan’s chopped vocals dance over humming atmospherics. The tempo is a lot slower on this track and everything feels calm. ‘A Million Times’ is very similar in that it’s more chilled out. The vocals float above airy atmospherics and the bass twists itself around shimmering synths and slightly psychedelic accents. ‘Down for You’ brings some buzzing synths into the mix and ups the tempo again ever so slightly. Ruel’s vocals add a nice flavour to the smooth beat and light guitars that glide alongside his vocals. This is a wonderful pop track and a perfect example of when the bassline is blending in with the melody, rather than spearheading it. 

‘The Get Down’ is a really interesting addition to the album. More of an instrumental piece, it’s a bit shorter than every other track and has bouncing atmospherics bounding over a sharp bassline and soft beat. It’s a sweet interlude before ‘Time Wasted’ picks up the pace. 

‘Time Wasted’ uses shimmering soundscapes and a really great melodic hook to draw you in and really groove to the punchy guitars and sharp percussion. The track gets you grooving again after you’ve penned out to ‘The Get Down’ and prepares you for the funky falsettos on ‘Idaho’, probably one of the best tracks on ‘Yesteryear’. ’70s-inspired tones and tapping tones take the lead on ‘Idaho’ and have vibrant atmospherics and slick guitar licks following along behind them. ‘Idaho’ is a really relaxing track that still has you dancing, striking the perfect balance between energetic funk and soft disco. 

‘C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)’ brings back the warmer feeling with light vocals and snappy synths popping above smooth electronica. The track has slight tropical accents with hollow tones sprinkled throughout the melody. This is the kind of song you start dancing too on a sunny day when you’re walking back from the grocery store, if that makes sense? 

Finally, Cosmo’s Midnight’s brilliant new album ends with ‘We Could Last Forever’, which blends together quite a few elements of the previous tracks to fully encapsulate ‘Yesteryear’. The warm atmospherics swirl between twinkling synths, a snappy bass and guitars that slice their way through the vibrant melody. There’s a sense of calm that oozes out of this track and it feels oh so good. 

Summer will be filled with days lounging in the sun listening to ‘Yesteryear’. This album is just full of good vibes and it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. The beauty if ‘Yesteryear’ is in how Cosmo’s Midnight have been able to highlight the positive side of nostalgia and sprinkle it with warm production. The organic elements of the album really balance out the more electronic accents and there’s really nothing better to soundtrack a sunny day with than this album. 

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