It’s been a minute since we last heard from Melbourne’s Blush’ko, but he’s making up for lost time and diving head first into an R&B-inspired soundscape with his deepened new single ‘Hendrix’, the first glimpse of his forthcoming debut album ‘AFTERNOON DELIGHT’ in November.

‘Hendrix’ brings forth a textural colour palate from the word go, with dreamy guitars combining with the dark and deep beats on offer that transfer a significant amount of groove before Blush’ko‘s incredibly smooth and sultry tones sooth our souls immediately. With an incredible amount of depth in production on offer, ‘Hendrix’ delivers a clear and crisp soundscape that showcases further comfortability for Blush’ko in the R&B realm which he is owning on his own terms.

​”He​ndrix is about someone who is numb to the concept of love. A rocker.. A substance abuser, someone who always pushes people away. I wanted to write a song from my own twisted perspective of the life of a Rocker, like Jimi Hendrix…someone who is loved by everyone, but are incapable of loving themselves. So you find yourself constantly pushing people away, even though you don’t want too.” – Blush’ko

Stream: Lazy House
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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