Brooklyn’s own Asante Phenix continues to deliver some of the most crisp and concise R&B going around these days with the release of his brand new ‘Golden Boy’ EP that sees an uncompromising flow achieved both instrumentally and melodically. 

Across the five tracks on offer in ‘Golden Boy’ we see a clear focus on the commanding vocal presence from Phenix that are standing firm with quirky and lively melodies playfully jumping around the mix alongside the free-flowing electronic instrumentation of smooth keys, fresh beats and sultry bass lines that deliver plenty of flavour throughout.

“The title of this project was inspired by an anime I used to watch as a kid. The main character was a wandering young adult that used to find himself in the most precarious situations. Yet, at the end of the day he would always do the right thing and stick to his principles. Golden Boy is about having those fun extravagant moments in life but still maintaining your values and never losing the heart.” – Asante Phenix

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