Australian producer Arty Ziff returns in 2020 in impeccable style through his brand new thumper ‘Thought About You’, which features the silky vocals of fellow Melbourne multi-instrumentalist / producer Fractures and we’ve got your exclusive first listen today!

Arty Ziff wastes no time and sets the scene immediately with the infectious groove making its presence known amongst Fractures‘ soothing vocals. As we progress through, we see the absolute best of the two artists come to light with Fractures‘ crystal clear harmonies combining with the swooping synths that create a thick wall of sound in the chorus and take the piece to new heights.

“I originally named the working title of the song ‘Thought About You’, and Fractures ran with that idea and then some…The song is about a past relationship that someone would look back on and reflect what they could have done differently and what they wish they could change. It’s a song most of us can relate to.” – Arty Ziff

Stream via: Arty Ziff
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